Unplug for better work together

Less than 10 minutes a day to recharge individuals and engage teams.  Measurable impact for you, your team, and your business. 

"I teach employees the power of pause to reduce distractions and improve outcomes, in less than 10 minutes a day."

-Elizabeth Holmstrom
Founder & Director

Most employer health and wellness programs are focused on physical health.

It's time to focus on emotional health.

If workloads are the leading cause of employee stress, according to Gallup, let's teach people how to manage stressful work.

Without adding time to your day, we repurpose moments between tasks or at the beginning of a meeting to reflect for better work and to build stronger relationships - unplugged.

Most work breaks are spent looking at a smartphone or smoking.

Take the lead and help your employees learn healthier ways of working to increase happiness and improve your bottom line.

Our brains require unplugged time to thrive. It begins with leadership.

Bottom Line Results

Companies that focus equal attention to people development and financial results are generally 14% more profitable than their competitors.

My simple practices result in lower turnover, fewer errors, and better relationships.

Start with a conversation.

Build A Resilient Workforce

Do you struggle with unwanted turnover, employees out unexpectedly, or stressful workloads?

We can help.

No one needs another thing to do, so our focus is teaching you the power of 2-minute practices between tasks and at natural pauses in the day.

Energizing Employees & Clients

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Our Mission

Improving health and business performance through the art of short mindful breaks and team interaction.

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