Have you ever worked in a stressful office environment, or felt like quitting your job because the workloads were unreasonable?

Perhaps you know people in this situation. 

Stressed out workers are the norm in many offices (physical and virtual) today.  It’s not okay.

After years of implementing and managing employee benefits and wellness programs designed to improve health, it was time to acknowledge that our programs and tools were not having a measurable impact on employee stress levels, which continued to rise each year.

Even with the most sophisticated tools at our fingertips, most of us are not spending time or effort to teach people how to manage increasing workloads, which is one of the leading causes of employee stress (Gallup) – tied with financial worries.

Stress-related illness adds significant cost to business in unplanned absences, employee turn-over, and insurance.  So why aren’t we addressing root cause?

Through 2 years of research and testing, I have created training programs and tools that result in lower stress, better work, and improved team connections in less than 15 minutes a day – using time you already have in your schedule.  

Two minutes to pause, move, breathe, or stretch between tasks and 5-10 minutes to begin meetings with unplugged activities is all that is required to experience positive results.

The training and activities are based on more than a century of scientific evidence.

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to see if these solutions may be right for you and your business.  elizabeth@breaktogether.net or call 207-370-9055.

To learn from others improving the way we work, listen to The Art of The Break

Not only do we need these breaks, we are starving for more human connections in our lives. Taking short breaks together reduces individual stress and improves team collaboration.

~ Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom