After years of implementing and managing employee health and wellness programs nationally, it was surprising to acknowledge that award-winning results were not having an impact on employee stress levels, which continued to rise.

We were not teaching people how to manage increasing workloads, a leading cause of employee stress (Gallup). Unmanaged stress negatively impacts our work and adds significant cost to business in unplanned absences, employee turn-over, and insurance.  

Through research and partnerships, we developed tools to help our employees reduce stress through simple practices: 2 Minutes to pause, move, or stretch between tasks and 5-10 minutes to begin meetings with unplugged activities. The key was using the time they already have in their day.

This led to measurable results and to the launch of my business. BreakTogether grew from my passion for improving the way many of us are working today.

My goal is to improve your business outcomes and employee happiness.

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Not only do we need these breaks, we are starving for more human connections in our lives. Taking short breaks together reduces individual stress and improves team collaboration.

~ Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

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