It is time to focus on humans at work. 

Elizabeth founded BreakTogether to improve health and business outcomes in office and tech environments. With twenty years of health and wellness design experience, most recently as VP with a national bank and 26,000 employees, she’s witnessed the power of mindful practices to improve the way we work.  Her previous roles include client relationship development, product design, sales management, and communications.

Most employee wellness programs focus on physical health improvement.  We need to address emotional health.

Stressed out workers are the norm in many work environments today and stress-related chronic disease, absenteeism, turnover, and safety issues are on the rise – to the tune of $500bn per year in the US. 

There are untapped resources in every person.  Her proven methods empower people through simple, 2-minute unplugged activities and are based on more than a century of scientific evidence.


Through 2 years of research and testing, my programs result in lower stress, better work, and improved team connections in less than 10 minutes a day – repurposing time in your busy schedule.  

The best news…these activities improve your bottom line.