M & M Game

Fill a bowl with M&Ms – I like dark chocolate.  Pass the bowl around the room and have each person draw one.  Based on the color, the lead person asks a question:  Red = Favorite Superhero; Orange = Favorite Outdoor Activity, Blue = Favorite Food; Green = Favorite Vacation Spot; Brown = Favorite TV Show; Yellow = Favorite Book or Movie.  

You can change the questions to anything that is fun for you or use the game as a quiz for a team with questions about a new product or something company-related.


18 or Under

As you begin a meeting, which can be virtually or in-person, ask each participant to reveal an accomplishment they achieved before they turned 18.


Question Ball

Take a large beach ball and write questions in each of the sections.  Toss the ball around the group (this can be done to music) as the people catch it, whichever question their Index Finger lands on (right or left hand, you choose) they answer that question.  Alternative Idea:  Write down silly things to DO on each of the spaces.  Spin Around, Dance, Touch Your Nose with Your eyes closed, etc…


Guess My Job

Have people write down on a piece of paper the most interesting or different job they have ever had.  You can divide people into groups of 5 or 6 if it’s a large group.  Put the papers into a bowl and have that group try to guess which job goes with the correct person.  It’s really fun.



This is a great way to start a team meeting.  Bring in a stack of Thank You notes, or send them via text or email.  Have everyone spend the first 5 minutes of a meeting thanking someone who isn’t expecting it.