The most effective way to experience positive results of mindful practices at work is to start the conversation.

My entire focus is you and improving work with your department or organization. Send me an email or call 207-370-9055 and you will reach a human being.

My goal is to help your employees and business thrive in highly demanding times.  

Stressful work is not going away. We empower your employees with simple tools and practices to manage challenging workloads and environments, repurposing time in less than 10 minutes a day.

If you are interested in the science supporting mindful pauses for better work, CLICK HERE.


How We Work Together – 5 Steps:

  • First, we deliver a customized, interactive workshop introducing the science behind healthy breaks in the workday. This includes engaging your leadership to develop a vision for adopting simple practices into your workflows.
  • We design communications to introduce these concepts to your teams.
  • We provide designated onsite management short term, to support your managers and teams with long-term adoption.
  • We design activities (2 to 10 minutes) and provide content on a weekly or daily basis: video, apps, email, texts.
  • We track, measure, and report on your success, using metrics that matter to you and your organization.

Call Elizabeth at 207-370-9055 or contact me here.