We have made great strides in preventive health and wellness program engagement in the past decade, yet we have done little to reduce stress for our employees.

~ Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

We teach your employees to use simple tools to take better care of themselves and your customers. The design is based on more than a century of scientific evidence

In 2 minutes, we teach your employees how to unplug and lower stress between tasks. With 5 minutes, we help your teams lead more effective meetings in-person or virtually; and in just 10 minutes you can create stronger team interactions.

We improve business outcomes and employee happiness.

Training Programs.  We help you build better habits through onsite training programs. By engaging mindfulness concepts and learning the value of unplugging for short time periods, employees are able to provide creative solutions to problems and build interpersonal relationships. Learn More

Webinars and Workshops Join a public webinar or workshop to learn how to improve productivity and reduce stress with short mindful breaks.  identify opportunities in your busy schedule without adding another thing to do. We provide tools for practice alone and in team interactions; effective in all work environments. Learn More 

Conferences. We energize your attendees at conferences and training sessions. No matter how motivating your content, sitting for longer than 1-2 hours at a time isn’t good for us. We provide short breaks for movement and connections to help people learn. Learn More

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