We guide short, powerful activities based on employee interest, team development needs, location, and time.  

Options Include:

  • Physical Health: walking, yoga, stretching
  • Mindfulness:  breathing and visualization, create your workday, how to unplug
  • Team Building Games: M&M challenge, purse/pocket/wallet, 18 and under, year of the coin, joy and stress
  • Play: old school playground games, card games, team building activities
  • Art: collage, coloring, painting
  • Music: audio experiences, finding your voice, live performance
  • Outdoor Games: Nerf, lawn sports, frisbee, hula hoop
  • Discovery Projects: hot topic challenge, short videos
  • Photography: phone camera challenge, photographer exhibits and discussions, using visuals to tell a story
  • Literature: author readings, poetry, trivia
  • History Walks:  indoors or out, based on company and location
  • Learn About Your Neighbors: Connect with local businesses to learn more about them.