Creating better learning environments.

Mindful movement is an important part of any conference to energize people and prepare them for learning. Even with the most compelling content, meetings longer than 2 hours need healthy breaks. We provide two-minute pauses ranging from stretching for all abilities to music or reflection.


People are more likely to retain new ideas and concepts together.

Your attendees bring value to the room and they learn better when they interact.  Being in a room full of peers and like-minded people is one of the major draws to a conference.

BreakTogether designs short activities, customized with each presenter, to increase learning for your participants. We do not add time to your schedule, we improve the way time is used.

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Client Feedback:

“Thank you for bringing your remarkable enthusiasm for inspiring others to our annual work retreat. We thoroughly enjoyed selecting our superpowers and the mindful work break exercises designed to help us unplug and connect with each other. We had a great day of learning and team building and it was a pleasure working with you.” Linda Varrell, President, Broadreach Public Relations

Your presentation to our leadership group was the perfect way to end our day!  Attendee feedback has been very positive. The content was all very relatable and now the difficult part – putting it into practice!! “  Donna Guerette, Director of Human Resources, United Insurance


Contact me today for a discussion 207-370-9055 or email at