Most people think that mindfulness at work looks a bit like this guy. The truth is you can practice better work in any environment.


Resiliency and Mindful Training Programs Onsite

2 For You 

Work stress isn’t going away anytime soon.  We need to teach people new skills to manage stress and the way they work. It takes time and we can make a powerful start in 12-weeks.

Develop agility and improve the quality of work, using simple 2-minute exercises at natural pauses in any workday. 

 Our 90-day program includes:
  • Communication toolkits using your language to shape the vision for your team
  • Expert trainers onsite for implementation
  • Customized content for your work environment
  • Ambassador identification and training
  • Fresh activities shared weekly using preferred contact methods
  • Personal, scheduled check-ins with to support your efforts
  • Impact reporting on the things that matter to you


10 For Team

Change in any environment begins with leadership. Managers and supervisors are the most consistent contact you have with employees. Many managers lack basic team building and professional relationship skills.  

This three-step program starts with individual resiliency practices, then moves to team building conversation builders, and culminates with activities to improve meetings.

The activities are 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of meetings, repurposing time that is generally wasted looking at technology. The tools are designed for unplugged, human connection and supported by a century of scientific evidence.

This 90-day program includes:
  • Communications toolkits
  • Interactive training sessions customized for your work environment
  • Special attention for leaders of people
  • Weekly delivery of activities for 1:1 conversations and team meetings
  • Weekly personal check-ins 
  • Impact reporting on metrics we design together, based on what you measure

Any team can adopt mindful and resiliency practices and experience the positive benefits almost immediately.  Our fees are 100% guaranteed.

Call me, you will reach a live person.  Elizabeth at 207-370-9055 or Email.