We help your employees unplug in 2 to 10 minutes to connect with themselves and improve relationships with each other.

~ Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

Seminars and Workshops

The challenge most people have is that breaks are not part of their daily habits.  We believe that the harder we work the more we will get done; that is not true.

Nobody wants another thing to do. We are experts in helping people create time through slight changes in their habits, and we provide simple tools to help them practice.

Our 60-90 Minute Program will:
  • Teach the importance of short, mindful breaks in the work day
  • Demonstrate the power of 1-2 minutes to recharge between tasks
  • Practice kicking off a meeting or conference call with a 5-10-minute activity
  • Discover natural breaking points in any busy schedule to create space for new habits

Mindful Schedules On-site Program

This simple and cost-effective program is the perfect entry point for mindful practice in the workplace.  We deliver a simple 5-step program over the course of 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the size of your team or organization.

We minimize your time commitment by delivering:
  • Customized communication Toolkits
  • Leadership engagement strategy
  • Step-by-step guidance to use time in their existing schedules
  • On-site practice and instruction
  • Content delivered and refreshed weekly via email and text reminders; includes written guides, audio, and video instruction.

Any team can adopt mindful practices and experience the positive benefits almost immediately.  Let me send you a quote.

Talk to me.  Elizabeth at 207-370-9055 or Email.