Power of 2 to 10

People tell me every day that they are working in very stressful environments and the work keeps growing. Stress isn’t likely to go away. We teach simple practices to better manage your stress and improve the quality of your work.

Unplugged breaks are not part of our daily habits.  We have been taught that the harder we work and the better we are connected, the more we will get done. This is not true.

Our brains require pauses for our best thinking. We help you create time through slight changes in your routine and show you simple activities to practice.

In our 1-hour workshop you will:

  • Learn the power of short, mindful breaks to improve your work – based on a century of science
  • Practice using 2-minute pauses between tasks to recharge and improve your thinking
  • Use the first 5 minutes of a meeting or call to increase human interactions and engagement
  • Discover natural breaking points in your busy schedule to create space for new habits

Delivered in-person or as an interactive webinar. We work onsite at your business or at conferences and events.

Contact me, Elizabeth, at 207-370-9055 or for pricing. 


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