Unplug for better work together

We help your employees thrive by breaking from patterns that no longer work and replace them with habits that will take your business to the next level.

"Focus on people and your profits will grow."

-Elizabeth Holmstrom
Founder & President







Mindful Work Improves:



Work Quality

If your company offers health benefits, you are spending approximately $4,000 per employee per year on physical health.

The top drivers of health care budgets are stress-related illness. Stress is costing your business in turnover, absences, safety efforts, and customer experience.

It's time to address root cause by investing in emotional health and agility training.

We teach your employees how to manage demanding work.

Without adding time to their day, we repurpose moments between tasks or at the beginning of a meeting for reflection, creative thinking, and stronger relationships.

It begins with leadership.

Help your employees adopt smarter ways of working to increase happiness and improve your bottom line. 

Start With A 1-Hour Workshop

We can get your team started in less than an hour. Teaching them how to take short pauses to reflect, or to begin meetings unplugged.

In less than 10 minutes a day, our simple practices result in improved engagement, better relationships, and lower stress.

Replace a meeting with a workshop.

Develop a Mindful Employer Strategy

We help you develop mindful employer strategy building on your existing programs.

As a licensed health benefits consultant and experienced program manager, we can partner and collaborate with your current vendors to capitalize on the benefits you already pay for.

My goal is short term consulting for long-term impact.

Energizing Employees & Clients

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Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the number of Mindful Employers in the US; creating workplaces where humans thrive and business wins. 

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