Create a mindful workplace that thrives.

Through simple mindful practices, we help employees reduce stress and improve performance.

The Science of the Break

Are you familiar with the idea of neuroplasticity? It’s the human brain’s ability to adapt over time and how we can change our daily work habits. BreakTogether’s programs are grounded in neuroscience and aim to positively impact work performance and turnover through mindfulness. We’re not alone in this approach—researchers at Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford agree. Learn our scientifically proven methods that press pause on the stress-cycle and lead to increased efficiency and work quality.

The Art of The Break

Let’s create companies where people feel valued and love to come to work. Now, more than ever, we need compassionate work environments where employees learn the power of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindful thinking; a place where managers are empowered to support the growth of each team member. There is an art to helping employees build resiliency. It’s more than just unplugging. We teach the methodology for effective unplugging that rejuvenates your team. Give your team the tools to work smarter, increase happiness, and improve productivity.

Making a Positive Impact

Recent News

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Our Mission

Increase the awareness of mindful employment throughout the US; creating workplaces where humans thrive and businesses succeed.

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