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Mindful Work Improves:



Work Quality

When is the last time you spent 1 hour away from your devices? It is the same for your employees.

We are connected 24/7 and while technology is extremely valuable for process automation and sharing information, being connected all the time is not good for people or work.

Over-connection is part of the reason that so many people feel overwhelmed and stressed out; nearly 80% of your employees according to Gallup .

If you are offering health insurance to your employees, that $4,000-$12,000 per employee per year price tag is paying primarily for stress-related illness.

How much are you investing each year to help your employees learn how to manage demanding work?

We teach your employees how to manage device dependence and demanding work, without adding time to the work day.

It begins with leadership. Take the first step and sponsor a learning session.

Help your employees adopt smarter ways of working to increase happiness and improve your bottom line. 

How can mindful and resiliency training help your employees?

Understanding the science behind resiliency training is a great place to begin. Elite athletes use resiliency practices to improve their game and it's just as powerful in any work environment: executives,sales, service, tech, production, and facilities.

In less than 10 minutes a day, our simple practices result in improved engagement, stronger relationships, reduced stress, and better work outcomes.

Replace a meeting with a learning session.

Mindful Employers Attract Better People

Todays employee development and engagement strategies are not going to be effective tomorrow. We need to bring humans back into our design thinking.

In a complex and competitive world, your employees need to learn the power of resiliency and managers need to support the growth of each team member.

As a master facilitator and experienced program developer, I partner with internal staff and external vendors to maximize resources you already pay for.

Making a Positive Impact

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Our mission is to expand the number of Mindful Employers in the US; creating workplaces where humans thrive and business wins. 

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