It is time to focus on humans at work. 

I started BreakTogether after 2 years of research and with 20 years of experience in employee benefits, wellness, communications, and leadership development.

I have personally witnessed the power of mindful practices to improve the way we work in any work setting.  

Most employee wellness programs focus on physical health improvement. It is time to address emotional health.

Mindful and resiliency training programs have an immediate impact on mental wellbeing and should not be limited to national businesses or Fortune 500 companies, although they are leading the way. 

Stressed out workers are in businesses large and small. The impacts at work include absenteeism, turnover, safety issues, and chronic disease; at a cost of $500 Billion per year in the US. 

There are untapped resources in every person. My workshops and training programs empower people using short, unplugged activities based on scientific evidence.

These simple practices result in lower stress, improved work, and deeper team connections – in less than 10 minutes a day. We are not adding another thing to do, we repurpose time in your busy schedule for pause and reflection.

Call me at 207-370-9055, you will reach a human being who can make your work better, together.