BreakTogether was launched after 2 years of research on the impact of mindful and resiliency practices in the workplace. After conducting workshops with hundreds of people, from CEO to equipment operator, I have personally witnessed the power of mindful and resiliency practices to improve the way we work in any setting.  

It is interesting that we have spent the last 30 years focused primarily on technological advances in the workplace with very little attention on advancing human development and organizational structures to support these changes.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is now seen as a greater advantage than IQ. Mindful practices improve emotional awareness.

I believe that mindful and resiliency programs should not be limited to Fortune 500 companies (67% are offering programs as of 2018). Demanding work and rising employee stress are a reality for businesses large and small. The negative impacts at work include absenteeism, turnover, safety issues, and chronic disease; at a cost of $500 Billion per year in the US. 

My focus is on small and mid-size companies. Workshops and training programs are based on a century of scientific evidence.

Reach a human being at 207-370-9055, we can make your work better, together.


Elizabeth has provided program design and oversight for employee benefits and wellness programs for twenty years.  She is passionate about creating communications to educate and connect people and uses her extensive background in leadership facilitation to develop and serve others.

Previously, Elizabeth managed national account relationship development and health program oversight working with Fortune 50 companies at a national health insurer. Later, she served as VP, Senior Health and Wellness Manager for a national bank with 26,000 employees. She draws on those experiences today to help other businesses.

When she isn’t working, her passions are family and community, mountain biking, gourmet cooking, singing, and quarry swimming along the coast of Maine.