Opportunity Millennial

August 18, 2017

In 2025 nearly 75% of our workforce will be comprised of Millennials and 25% will be Baby Boomers. Why does this matter? Primarily because the two groups come from very different spectrums in their approach to work. It’s a unique opportunity to strengthen culture and improve performance. Bringing these two generations together might feel like combining oil and water, as Nathanial Koloc mentioned in his excellent article, but if you dig deeper this approach solves challenges for each demographic. One of the most important things for Millennials in the workplace, after compensation, is training and development. They want to understand how their work relates to the bigger picture and why it matters. I have often heard millennials described as entitled, or not ready for work. That is not true in my experience. Baby Boomers certainly have experience and may seem more responsible if you are looking for butts in seats during traditional work hours, yet they are prone to conformity.  See my interview with Francesca Gino, Professor at Harvard Business School.  “Somehow from very early on in our careers we are taught to conform to the status quo, to the opinions and behaviors of others, and this pressure only becomes bigger and grows...

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Top 5 Things to Do in Portland, Maine in Just 15 Minutes

April 19, 2016

There are so many unique adventures in Downtown Portland, it was hard to choose just five. These are some of my favorite things for a short break from work, or between other activities. If you want more, please contact BreakTogether. We help people get to know Portland better, one break at a time.   The following adventures include walking time from most areas of Downtown Portland: 1. Walk to the waterfront. You can probably make it to the water in 5 minutes from most Downtown businesses. In the summer, I love to walk along the pier between Portland Lobster Company and DiMillo’s and check out the beautiful boats and yachts. It’s also a great seagull and people watching location. 2. Check out the views! We have so many places with views in our city. One of my favorites is the top of the parking garage at the corner of Fore and Pearl Streets. The views in every direction are breathtaking. There are great vistas from most of the garages, but this is my favorite, by the Custom House. 3. Ice Cream in a Secret Garden. We wait all winter for green to appear, and ice cream seems to be...

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