You know your team is not functioning optimally.  We know how to help.

Employee turnover can cost your company a fortune. There is value in investing in your team so they are engaged and happy at work.  Learning how to work better, together, is where we begin. People are more likely to retain new ideas and concepts when they interact with others as they learn. Learning is about acquiring knowledge through study, practice, and experience.  It is about finding a furrow or track to follow so you can improve as you move forward.  This is a journey we take together—we are all teachers and learners. 

We partner with you to develop and implement mindfulness and resiliency strategies to improve your work environment.  BreakTogether’s programs are grounded in neuroscience and evidence-based research.  Learning to add simple resiliency practices into any workflow has an immediate positive impact on the focus and wellbeing of individuals and teams.  Whether you are a chief executive, administrative support, or a facilities manager, the ability to focus your attention improves the quality of your work. 

Be the leader your team needs.  Take the first step and schedule a Learning Session.


BreakTogether Learning Sessions have two components. 

Part One is a highly interactive in-person session with a BreakTogether facilitator where your team will learn:

  • The scientific evidence behind mindful and resiliency practices in the workplace.
  • The myth of multi-tasking.
  • The mental challenges of 24/7 connectivity and addictive technology.
  • Simple 2-minute activities to re-energize your mind.
  • How to improve 1:1 and team meetings through unplugged interactions.

Part Two builds upon your in-person session and provides support and 8 weeks of customized follow-up engagement activities based on findings from your session. 

“Thank you for bringing your remarkable enthusiasm for inspiring others to our annual work retreat.  We thoroughly enjoyed the mindful work break exercises designed to help us unplug and connect with each other.  We had a great day of learning and team building and it was a pleasure.”

–Linda Varrell, President, Broadreach Communications


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