Now more than ever our employees need help to work at their best for you and for themselves. Even though you are providing time for employees to take a lunch and short breaks, most of them are not taking this important time to refuel. They are likely tethered to their smartphones.

This unhealthy pattern leads to increased stress and the rise of stress-related illness – all impacting your business.

It is time to break the 24/7 connectivity and your employees need help.

There are several immediate advantages to teaching your employees the power of resiliency practices:

  • It demonstrates that you are invested in their development.
  • A few unplugged moments disrupts autopilot and improves relationships.
  • You create space for responding vs. reacting – better outcomes.


Why me? People development and business growth are my life’s work. My unique background combines 20 years of client and leadership development with 3 years of mindful research and testing.

I launched BreakTogether after witnessing positive impacts with our team during an extremely stressful time. After three weeks of practice, our employees were happier, connecting with each other, and solving problems that we hadn’t been able to resolve after 6 weeks of conference calls. It’s because they were talking with each other – unplugged. 

100% of my clients say that our work makes a positive difference. I can do the same with your team and business.

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