Our approach to mindfulness at work is different. 

We show you how to to use short spaces in your day to improve the way you work; simple 1-2 minute pauses to connect with yourself and the work you are doing. 

After decades of adding ways to connect, people are operating at increasing levels of burnout. Stress is at an all time high resulting in physical and mental illness, which costs your company time and money.

It’s time to take control of our technology and busyness. BreakTogether practices are grounded in neuroscience and evidence-based research to help you move from reacting to responding. 

Let’s start with a one-hour Learning Session.

We begin with a highly interactive one-hour session to introduce:

  • The scientific evidence behind mindful and resiliency practices in the workplace.
  • The myth of multi-tasking.
  • The mental challenges of 24/7 connectivity and addictive technology.
  • Simple 2-minute activities to re-energize your mind.
  • How to improve 1:1 and team meetings through unplugged interactions.

And we don’t leave you there. We provide 12 weeks of customized follow-up to help you move from learning to doing. Each week you receive a customized two-minute audio practice, articles to further your knowledge, and visuals to inspire your practice. 

Contact me today for better work together tomorrow. Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom: 207-370-9055 or email: elizabeth@breaktogether.net.


““Watching Elizabeth in action with her BreakTogether work, is a true inspiration. She manages
to make everyone feel included and valued while learning a key tool we all need more of in our
hectic lives: the art of pausing to attend, notice, breathe, stretch, laugh, smile, and be grateful.”

–Margaret Hasna Kelsey, President, Wave of Insight