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BreakTogether Learning Session

BreakTogether programs are grounded in neuroscience and evidence-based research. Whether you are the chief executive, administrative support, programmer, or facilities manager, the ability to focus your attention improves the quality of your work. Learning to add simple resiliency practices into any workflow has an immediate positive impact on your focus and wellbeing.

In this highly interactive 1-hour session we will:

  • Explore the scientific evidence behind mindful and resiliency practices in the workplace
  • Test the myth of multi-tasking
  • Review the mental challenges of 24/7 connectivity and addictive technology
  • Practice simple 2-minute activities to reenergize your mind
  • Learn how to improve 1:1 and team meetings through unplugged interactions

Includes 6 weeks of post-workshop engagement activities.

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Mindful Meetings

As work teams expand the country and globe, some people are in back-to-back meetings the entire day. Clients tell us that most meetings are ineffective. Every meeting has a cost to your company. We help you determine the cost and provide training to rethink the status quo.

This 1-Hour interactive session helps people:

  • Improve critical meeting review skills: assess value based on goals and objectives 
  • Develop facilitation skills: goal-setting, agenda, timekeeping, and follow-through
  • Review alternative ways of collaborating to solve problems and move work forward

There are likely meetings happening right now at your company that are in place “because they have always happened”. Using the meeting cost estimator through Harvard Business Review, one company found that a long-hated meeting was costing them $3 Million per year.

Better meetings lead to cost savings, improved outcomes, and stronger relationships. 

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