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Power of 2 to 10

Whether you are the chief executive, in an administrative support role, or managing facilities, the ability to pause and focus your attention improves the quality of your work. This training is about repurposing time in your day more effectively, starting with 2 to 10 minutes. 

In this highly interactive workshop we will:

  • Explore the scientific evidence of mindful practices in the workplace
  • Test the myth of multi-tasking
  • Review the mental challenges of 24/7 connectivity and addictive technology
  • Practice simple 2-minute activities that add value to any workflow
  • Learn how to improve 1:1 and team meetings through unplugged interactions

This workshop includes 6 weeks of post-workshop engagement activities.

Send an EMAIL or call 207-370-9055 and you will reach a human being.

Mindful Meetings – Maximum Impact

Are most of your workdays spent in meetings?  This is the perfect workshop for you.

Many of our clients complain about ineffective meetings, so we developed a training program to improve your meetings and a system to determine the cost value of meetings in your organization. 

  • Learn how to communicate with meeting organizers to understand goals and outcomes
  • Improve meeting management skills: facilitation, agenda, timekeeping, follow-through
  • Review alternative ways of collaborating to solve problems and accomplish work
  • Complete a cost assessment of the meetings they lead or attend to ensure value and outcomes are aligned

One hour to better meetings and cost savings for your business.

Send an EMAIL or call 207-370-9055 and you will reach a human being.