Let’s Work Better, Together

BreakTogether’s founder, Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom has a mission—to improve the way human beings experience work. Elizabeth is known for her amazing energy and powerful insights that bring people together, and she wants to inspire and empower everyone to incorporate mindfulness into their workdays. With Elizabeth, people laugh, people cry, people take deep breaths, and people get inspired to do better work. Beyond BreakTogether’s Learning Sessions, Elizabeth shares her research and wisdom by leading workshops and giving keynote addresses with organizations such as Maine Women’s Network, Startup Maine, and KMA Consulting. 


Examples of Elizabeth’s Past Talks

The Power of Self-Awareness and Mindful Thinking

In a world of technological overwhelm, it is time to teach people the power of pause.  The negative neurological effect of being over-connected have our bodies in constant fight or flight mode, which causes us to produce too much cortisone (the stress hormone).  In these highly interactive sessions, we review the science behind the power of pause and mindful thinking.  And we teach new tools, such as the 90-Second Road-Map to Calm. 

Cultivating People – Moving from Boss to Service Leadership

In this energizing session, we review why boss leadership is no longer serving businesses of the future. We need to build service leadership models by empowering leaders with emotional intelligence training, providing managers with communication tools to facilitate real conversations with their teams, and creating compassionate environments where every employee is valued. Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share (Gallup).

Have Elizabeth come and inspire your team to work better, together. Call 207-370-9055 or email elizabeth@breaktogether.net.